How to get the Most out of Your Newborn Session

Seven simple things you can do to make your newborn session experience a great one!

First let’s talk time! 

Babies are silly creatures and sometimes need quite a lot of accommodation! (it’s a good thing they are so stinking cute!). Not to mention the fact that you just had a baby days earlier. This is where it becomes very important to plan your time on the day of your newborn session. Be sure to google how long it will take to get to your newborn studio, then plan on leaving early. Have baby’s things packed the night before and ready to go.

Speaking of baby’s things, come prepared! 

Some things you’ll want to consider having ready  to go for your newborn session include a diaper bag well stocked with diapers. In my own studio, we often go through several during a session. While I do my best to stock my studio, I don’t always have the correct size or the kind mamas prefer. Also don’t forget the paci! I know this can be a bit of a hot topic IF baby likes a soother and IF you are comfortable with it, it’s a good idea to bring it! It can be a big help!

How about what to wear?

Babies love warmth! In my studio we do a lot of the “naked baby” shots, but babies  need a little extra help staying warm, so I keep my studio pretty toasty! Talk to your photographer and be sure you know what the “climate” will be like in their studio. You may want to wear something fairly lightweight. Ditch the turtle neck and opt for something more breezy. Oh and if you want to be in the shots with your baby leave the graphic T’s at home. I know, I know, we love your favorite band too, but they get a little distracting. Best thing to wear is something simple.  White and neutrals tend to work really well as do classic florals! I am always available to help my clients pick what they should wear! Talk to your photographer and see if they will help!

Now let’s chat about how to prepare baby! 

We can give baby the best opportunity for a wonderful newborn session (though sometimes we can do it all right and they still need some extra cuddles so just be prepared!) by preparing in a few ways. First, and probably most importantly, give baby a good full feed before you leave the house and be ready to top them off when you arrive at the studio. Full tummies equal sleepy babies! Also, dress baby in a zip up sleeper if possible. I find these are the easiest things for me to remove without disturbing them too terribly much.

It’s more than okay to feel nervous! 

Please know that your photographer doesn’t expect you to be a model. In my studio, my job is to direct you in a way that helps you relax, feel natural, and be your true comfortable selves in front of my lens. You do not need to practice poses, study Pinterest pints or let the nerves take over. By the end of the session you will feel like Tyra Banks and wonder when your big break in modeling will come! Don’t worry if you are feeling nervous, I’ll be sure the end result is something you will love!

S#!% happens

(too much?) If there’s one thing babies are really good at, its pooping and peeing when they don’t have a diaper on. So now is the time to get your mind wrapped around that and not worry about it one bit! I personally am very…very… accustomed to the little ones relieving themselves on me and my sets. In fact I’m pretty sure I have the cure for constipation in my studio somewhere. Maybe if I can figure out exactly what it is I can bottle it up and sell it. ha! I’m sure your photographer is very used to it as well.

Props, etc!

This is very specific to each photographer’s studio. I personally tell my clients if they’re wondering about how you can make the experience personal and memorable, they can feel free to bring along any props that are special to them.  We can incorporate them into your photos in a fun way! Maybe it’s something from when you were a baby or daddy’s baseball mit, maybe it’s a special quilt made by grandma, or your favorite children’s book. Whatever you want in your photos, I do my best to make it happen! That being said, if you just can’t think of a thing, that’s totally fine too! I often say that you could bring baby in just a diaper and I could take care of the rest! Everything we need is in my studio!

All in all your newborn session should be a smooth process. 

In my own studio, I love to pamper my families with a plethora of snacks, drinks, hair and makeup for mom, a comfy couch with a big screen tv for dad, netflix, amazon prime, hulu, and more! I truly believe this should be an incredible and luxury experience for you. These are just some simple ways that you can prepare from the get-go to make it the best it can possibly be!

To see more of my work be sure to visit my newborn gallery here and feel free to drop me a comment below or contact me here if you have any questions at all!

With love,

Ashley Lowder

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