Baby J’s Newborn Portrait Sneek Peek

Newborn portrait sessions are full of favorites.

I will however admit that my favorite part of a newborn portrait session is the day of the reveal. Every baby gets a “sneak peek” image posted to social media and the blog before mom and dad come in to see the full gallery. Baby J is no exception!

I just loved this session so much and I can’t wait to show you the highlights from his gallery!

If there was ever a perfect baby he was it.

This evening I have the opportunity to get together with Baby J’s mom and dad to view their artwork and pick out the perfect pieces for their home. This is my favorite part because its the entire reason that I do what I do!

This is a cinematic, emotional, incredible experience to, not only see your images for the first time, but to select some of the most beautiful custom artwork for your home.

Heirlooms, legacies, visual family history. That is what I am excited about for tonight. Giving a family so much more than this beautiful image. Giving them something to last generations.

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Newborn portrait of a baby boy wrapped in green on a green backdrop lying on a pillow in the bum up pose

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