Luxury Experience: What to expect

You're here, and I know picking your perfect photographer is an overwhelming experience. I also know it is only the beginning when it comes to planning the ideal portrait experience.

When you choose me as your photographer though, you'll know that the hardest part is now over. My goal is for your experience to be as seamless and enjoyable as possible. I will be here to guide you every step of the way and this luxury portrait experience is perfect for you because you desire a truly high level of service. 

When you call me about being your portrait artist you will hear me ask several questions, but the most important will be...

I ask this question because your entire session is planned with the end in mind. A genuinely custom designed portraiture session for you and your family, unlike any other before. We achieve this with four simple steps. 

The Consultation
The Session
The Proofing and Purchasing Appointment
The Delivery and Installation 

THE CONSULTATION: Great portrait sessions do not happen by accident. The must be intentionally planned. At the consultation, we explore what your goals are for the session, what images are most important to you, and what style you would love for your portraits. If you are a maternity or nursing client, you will have the opportunity to choose from my boutique hand made gowns for your session and your choice of floral crowns. Then we will move on to how you would like to display your images in your home. 

THE SESSION: At the session, I put all that designing into action and create beautiful images for your family. 

THE PROOFING AND PURCHASING APPOINTMENT: This is the fun part! Where you get to see what all that planning and designing come to life before your eyes in a emotional and cinematic experience.

DELIVERY AND INSTALLATION: Approximately 4-6 weeks after your proofing and purchasing session, your custom artwork will be delivered.

From beginning to end you will be guided through a unique and luxury experience capturing your family's legacy. Your artwork is custom designed, hand made, and personally inspected to be sure of the utmost quality before delivery.

From first inquiry, to hanging your artwork, I want to make sure that you are completely satisfied. This is why all custom artwork is backed by a satisfaction guarantee. If you don't love your art, I will reshoot or remake it till you do!

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